Ghost – Trifextra Week 75

This week, the Trifecta team have taken pity on us, after last week’s prescriptive challenge. This time round, just 33 words, on any theme we like. Ah, freedom (of sorts)!

I hope you enjoy my offering – please visit here to read many more!


– Ghost –

This is where my heart splintered.

There – is where healing began.

When I thought I saw you – distance fracturing my certainty –

I understood my wishful thinking.

And the tear rent wide.

Once more.

28 thoughts on “Ghost – Trifextra Week 75

    1. Thank you, Linda. I’m a bit wary of poetry (writing, not reading), so I thought 33 words was just enough to dip my toe in, this time around. I’m glad you liked it.

  1. lovely – sometimes we see someone who looks so much like our loved one . . . that the loss is felt again – and again – and again. You captured that well.

  2. Apart from anything else, I admire you for taking up these challenges. They take a lot of work and commitment. But never mind all that. Your words are lovely, and that is what made me comment.
    ” distance fracturing my certainty ”

    That’s a keeper on its own

    1. Thank you, countingducks. These challenges keep me writing, without having to find my own inspiration, whilst I’m beavering away on something else behind the scenes. I’m really pleased that you enjoyed this offering.

  3. the words you chose to convey that hurt, that splintering of a heart were beautiful and pitch perfect. I felt my own heart ache with the tearing.

  4. Oh, the wishful thinking we’re not even aware of, and all the damage it does.
    Nice poem.

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