The Usurper – Trifextra Week 84

This weekend, the Trifecta team’s Trifextra challenge asks us to write 33 words including Tether, Loft and Crown in the tales tht we weave.

Why not visit here to read all the brilliant offerings?! Or, take part yourself….

Here’s my little tale below. Enjoy!


– The Usurper –

The tether encircling my neck is delicate yet iron-strong.

I am secluded in my loft – it is my haven.

Nobody comes

– except my master, adorned with his crown.

All power is mine.




39 thoughts on “The Usurper – Trifextra Week 84

  1. Reminded me of a bondage/domination/sadomasochism relationship. Not sure this is what you had in mind, but… Anyway, that’s the sort of image it brought up for me.

      1. You’ve included the title. It’s not part of the story.. So – not including the title, but counting both words either side of the dash, that makes 33 words. Does that work for you?
        Whatever the Trifextra rules, I enjoyed writing it and exercising my writing muscle. Enjoy!

      2. I make the words per line – 9,11,2,8,4. I won’t say another word on the subject…honest 🙂

      3. Maybe I’m wrong: wouldn’t be the first time! I thought “eat fish – daily.” was four words because the dash stands alone. Would be good to know because it’s currently costing me a word 🙂

    1. Thank you, Ivy, I’m glad you enjoyed the twist 🙂

      By all means weigh in! I’ve always seen the dash as punctuation too. Otherwise I’d be counting every comma, full stop and so on in my words. The word count feature doesn’t count it, either. Hey ho!

  2. Sometimes what seems true at first glance is just a sham-thus here the dominant one in this turns out to be the dominating-deliciously wicked Freya!Loved it:-)

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