Incoherence – dVerse Poetics

Here’s my submission to the dVerse Poetics prompt – this week, we are asked to write something inspired by ‘peace’, since yesterday was the International Day of Peace.

As ever, my creativity strikes at the most inconvenient of times – last night it was just when I was about to go to bed!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my piece below – please do visit the linky link thing to read many more!


– Incoherence –

There is no silence inside my head
It’s filled with the voices of the dead
the lost, the unloved, the slipped through the cracks
There is no silence inside my head

The voices linger inside my head
They keen and whisper of long-held dread
that tears, that corrodes, that rips them apart
There is no silence inside my head

The people crowd inside my head
They shriek whilst they are ripped into shreds
for power, for might, for strength over all
There is no silence in my head

There is no silence inside my head
Illusion’s immunity, them in our stead
for now at least, but time plays tricks well
No peace, no silence, no rest ’til your dead.

29 thoughts on “Incoherence – dVerse Poetics

  1. Whew, this poem leaves me with a kind of eerie, nightmarish feeling. I suppose it is true for everyone that there really is no real peace until death.

  2. yikes….there are voices that run amuck in our heads and if we dont get ahold of them they will run us til we are dead for sure…and that one last great peace is one we all eventually find…or maybe we just hope it is peaceful you know…smiles.

  3. Quite the intense take on the subject. Silence…for some it seems like a state of refuge, for others, even silence resounds quite loudly within us.

  4. We all have voices within, but these are creepy. Love the write. The repetition gives the poem an eerie feel. And I hope we can experience peace before death.

  5. I like the contrast of peace – voices of the dead, whispers of dread, people crowding in our heads ~ Very creative piece, thank you for sharing ~

  6. I tried to comment but apparently it didn’t work. Your poem is powerful in a dark sort of way. I do hope however that some people can find inner peace during their life time.

  7. I think on many levels this is true for all of us, the voices, the stories, the thoughts, the worries are continuously reloading… and then there are small spaces in between… perhaps not silence, but quiet gentleness… we must search for them, pay attention… they are there, here, when we are really awake and present.

    1. Hi Scott – thank you! I have a naturally dark imagination, so this was much easier for me than writing in the ‘happy place’. Poetry however, is a new venture for me, so I am very pleased that it worked.

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