Lineage – dVerse Open Link Week 115

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Open Link – why not take a look at everyone else’s wonderful responses?

This piece is in honour of family – mine, yours, past, present and future. I’m a September baby, as was my dad. Autumn is my favourite season, it’s my season, my family season. For me, it’s a time of looking forward and back. I hope you enjoy my short but hopefully sweet piece.


– Lineage –

I trace the lines from me to you
The DNA meanders through
the decades separating us
Reflected in our eyes.

I trace the names repeatedly
The warp and weft of history
binds us closely, centuries old
Hearts linked across the years.

I trace the lines around your eyes
The crooked smile points to the ties
that show us to be family
Connected for all time.

Trace your future to my past
The generations move so fast
Enjoy your life, be proud, be strong
Your history lives in you.

31 thoughts on “Lineage – dVerse Open Link Week 115

    1. somehow couldn’t find a comment box…so just replied..ha… love the tracing of the lines…the DNA…the common denominator that makes a family… surely to be treasured..

  1. smiles…i like the tracing of the lines of the eye that make you family…so many stories in those creases and crinkles you know…smiles…very cool verse…and i love autumn as well….my fav season and way too short!

  2. love the poem..our lineage traced through the eyes..profound truth..the eyes as the windows to the soul and the soul carries the blood and glory of ancestry..BTW, autumn is my favorite season as well πŸ™‚ nice job

  3. We are everyone before us . . . a microcosm of what came in the beginning, a brotherhood oft forgotten.
    It is well to be reminded as so tenderly does your poem.

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