The Choosing – VisDare 39

Here’s my latest offering for Anonymous Legacy‘s photo-inspired prompt, VisDare. This week’s prompt word is ‘Adore’. The rules are simple:

150 words – or less.

Post entry to your blog and “link in”.

(Please – no erotica or graphic violence.)

DON’T FORGET to read and comment on others’ entries!!

The photo is below, and my piece follows.  Let me know what you think, and give it a go yourself, why not?

– The Choosing – 

“Who is she again?”

“We call her Mother.”

“Yes, but who is she?”

“Mother. That’s all.”

“You don’t understand. I need to know her bloodline, her ancestors, her descendants. It’s important!”


“I’m sorry, what do you mean?”

“Why is it important? What is the difference?”

“My research…”

“It is of no consequence. She will still be of us. She will still love and be loved in return. She will still be Mother.”

The man stared, swallowed. The grey eyes stared back, unblinking.

“Come. Come and be with us. Meet Mother. Just be.”

The man stood, feeling strangely at peace. He allowed himself to be drawn in, to meet Mother.

His research could wait.



20 thoughts on “The Choosing – VisDare 39

  1. Do you get the word and the photo, or just the word?

    This is a good story though. You have set the image well. The scene is easy to get lost in

  2. Good one Freya. I am reminded of a drama teacher who would say that it was important in performance and in life to try and be in the moment when you were with someone. Something I am aware of when i meet people, wasn’t always so good at such things!!

  3. Dear Freyathewriter,
    Yes, you ARE a writer. I like “conversational”…and I became momentarily the researcher. It made me realize again how many hundreds/thousands people I ignored, lost in my own desires and selfishness. I HAVE changed, but it is still good to not regret the past, yet not shut the door on it.

    The researcher leanred his lesson I’m sure, as he met
    Mother and learned to just BE instead of being driven to DO.
    We ARE called human beings, not human doings?

    Thanks for dropping by my Fourth Dimension…

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      I’m glad you managed to extract so much juice from this little piece of mine.
      I am sometimes too full of doing – it’s hard work just to be…. But worth the effort.

  4. Sometimes modern people need too much to make sense of everything and forget to just let things be what they are.

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