Reclaimed – VisDare 60

‘I have saved them – they are not lost, thank goodness, oh thank goodness!’

Judah’s thoughts raced and he released a shuddering sigh, expelling the pent-up adrenalin of the past hours. All he had left in the world, and he had snatched it from destruction with moments to spare. Someone – or something – was smiling down on him.

“Hey, hands off the truck, this haul is mine, mate!”

Judah’s hot temper flashed momentarily, but he knew when he was beaten – he had no energy left for a fight with Solly, the local prize-fighter. The time for acting first, thinking later, was gone. Times had changed.

As the truck coughed into life and roared away, he turned to his small daughters standing expectantly behind him – his only reason for living, now and always.


After a long absence, I decided to return to Angela’s VisDare prompt, where the challenge is to respond, in 150 words or less, to the photo she puts up on her blog each week. Something about this photo really pulled me in, so the story wrote itself – result! I had in mind refugees escaping conflict – I have used Jewish/Yiddish names, because that is the tie in history I know most about, but sadly, the situation can be easily transferred to any conflict where civilians are the victims…

I hope you enjoy it, please do take part. I’ll be linking up now and commenting on other contributions later!

6 thoughts on “Reclaimed – VisDare 60

  1. You really captured the determination in his countenance. He is a survivor and a fighter.

  2. My, what a diverse poem that can stand for most anything one feels strongly about. Ideals, work and passion,’s all here.

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